Edge AI platform

Deploy cutting-edge machine learning models effortlessly on your edge devices. A No-code platform that can deploy computer vision models on your cameras.


How Padmé works

Padmé lets you easily configure a venue and its edge devices to run any machine learning model in a matter of a few clicks. The dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of the venues and edge devices involved along with the desired insights about the venue, such as crowd count, crowd surging, average time spent in a queue, and the number of cars entering or exiting, etc.

Padmé Dashboard

Comprehensive platform with pre-built models and a framework to deploy AI solutions rapidly

AI optimized for edge

Optimized for Edge

Cutting-edge machine learning models and a framework optimized and integrated with your edge devices to provide seamless and highly efficient computer vision solutions with an emphasis on automatic retraining and performance improvement.

Customizable for your needs

Padmé can be customized to serve your needs. The video here showcases the crowd counting capability in a specific area of the stands in the National Tennis Center during US Open 2021.

AI specialized for verticals

Specialized for Verticals

Loss prevention in retail stores can be curtailed through our platform. Padmé has custom machine learning models specific to industries like retail, manufacturing, warehouses, healthcare, event management, etc.

Our Clients

State-of-the-art Machine Learning Models

High accuracy and optimized for the edge.

Crowd Counting

Face Comparison


Car Counting

Logo Detection

Object Detection

Emotion Detection

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