Edge AI platform

Deploy cutting-edge machine learning models effortlessly on your edge devices. A No-code platform that can deploy computer vision models on your cameras.

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How Padmé works

Padmé lets you easily configure a venue and its edge devices to run any machine learning model in a matter of a few clicks. The dashboard gives you a birds-eye view of the venues and edge devices involved along with the desired insights about the venue, such as crowd count, crowd surging, average time spent in a queue, and the number of cars entering or exiting, etc.

Comprehensive platform with pre-built models and a framework to deploy AI solutions rapidly

Cutting-edge machine learning models and a framework optimized and integrated with your edge devices to provide seamless and highly efficient computer vision solutions with an emphasis on automatic retraining and performance improvement.

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State-of-the-art Machine Learning Models

High accuracy and optimized for the edge.

Crowd Counting

Object Detection

Ingress Egress

License Plate recognition

Queue Analysis

Dwell Time

Sentiment Analysis

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