Edge AI platform. Deploy pretrained machine learning models on your edge devices effortlessly.

Configure and deploy state-of-the-art self-managed models
on your edge devices.

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Comprehensive platform with pre-built models
and a framework to deploy AI solutions rapidly.

Optimized for Edge

Machine learning models and the framework to run them optimized for the edge. Models automatically retrained from the current data. Retrained models delivered to the edge seamlessly.

Customizable for your needs

Padmé can be customized to serve your needs. The video here showcases the crowd counting capability in a specific area of the stands in the National Tennis Center during US Open 2021.

Specialized for verticals

Loss prevention in retail stores can be curtailed through our platform. Padmé has custom machine learning models specific to industries like retail, manufacturing, warehouses, healthcare, event management, etc.

Visual inferencing

Cutting edge models and framework provides accurate results. Padmé is deployed to count the crowds at US Open.

Model management

Deploy models to the edge when they are online. Manage multiple versions of the models across all your edge devices.

Deploy Anywhere

Cloud, Private cloud, On premise -- deploy our containerized platform anywhere with a single command.


Padmé is built with security in mind from the ground up. Our framework, models, and the containers are encrypted using the highest industry standards.

State-of-the-art Machine Learning Models

High accuracy and optimized for the edge.

Crowd Counting

Count the number of people in a crowded area.

Face Comparision

Compare, match and search faces using a unique face embedding.


Detect if face in an image is actual or spoofed.

Car counting

Count the number of cars entering and leaving an area from a single edge camera.

Logo Detection

Identify logos on trucks. Also identifies unique markings on the truck.

Gender and Age Predictions

Determine gender and age demographics.

Object Detection

Detect objects present in an image or video. Can train for custom objects

Emotion Detection

Detect emotions, if person is Happy, Sad, Angry, Excited, or Surprised.
Need different models or integrations? Our expert ML Engineers can build one for you. contact us.