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Crowd Counting example

Crowd Counting

Get live insights about the number of people in your venue to prevent crowd surging.

Face Comparison

Compare, match and search faces using a unique face embedding. You can identify the same person present in different images, determine the similarity between two faces or search for a face in an image or video.

Face comparison example
Antispoofing example


Detect if the analyzed face is original or spoofed. It can be used in highly secure areas where access is granted based on facial biometrics.

Car Counting

Detect and count the number of cars entering and leaving the area of interest captured through the edge device.

Car Counting example
Logo Detection example

Logo Detection

Identification and classification of logos. An automated solution to detect logos on vehicles and provide the company details.

Object Detection

Detect custom-trained objects present in an image or video of interest.

Object Detection example
Emotion Detection example

Emotion Detection

Gather Insights about people’s sentiments based on their facial expressions.

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