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Crowd Counting

Get live insights about the number of people in your venue to prevent crowd surging.

Object Detection and Counting

Object Detection and Counting detect and count the number of different objects per class to obtain presence and occupancy value

Ingress Egress

Use state of the art object detection and tracking methods to analyze the path of the objects and obtain ingress and egress counts

License Plate Recognition

Use OCR and Object detection to control the license plates of vehicles going in and out of an area/ parked in a lot

Queue Analysis

Using detection and tracking, analyze real time queue scenarios to obtain queue length, per person serving time and estimated queue time for the next arrival

Dwell Time and Behavior Analysis

Understand how much time people spend at each location and learn the most common paths taken within an area.

Facial Recognition andSentiment Analysis

Facial Recognition and sentiment analysis apply the latest algorithms for access control and behavior analysis